Gift Ideas for a Man

When looking for gift ideas for a man you have to consider what is important to him. Although, men often buy everything they want, when they want it, and their tastes tend to be expensive, such as electronics and tools. It is possible to buy the perfect gift for any man in your life.

College Football Helmet Desk Caddies are a very personal gift for bosses, friends, or your important someone. If you do not know, already, just ask; Where did you go to college? Do you have a favorite college sports team? Where did you grow up? These very non personal questions, can enable anyone to give the perfect gift to any man.

Alma Mater

Most people consider their Alma Mater extremely important. An Alma Mater is the college that he, or she, graduated from. So, for gift ideas for a man, looking at his Alma Mater can give you ideas for a special gift without breaking the bank.

We at, give information about football teams for all the major campuses, and many minor campuses. This website is all about Football Helmet Desk Caddies, but any sports merchandise is a good bet, when comes from the man’s Alma Mater. You can choose from mini Football Helmet Desk Caddies, banners, sweatshirts, and mugs. Really any merchandise showing their preferred school, and team, is a great idea for a mans gift.  Search for any college, or  team, using the search bar on the right. You can  learn more information about colors, mascots, and team logos. You’ll find great gift ideas for a man through this search.

columbia university alma mater

Gift ideas for Men that keep on Giving

Men love to talk sports, not all but most. By giving the man in your life a football helmet desk caddy, you are giving them an opening to a long and genial conversation. In many office settings interaction between co employees, or clients, can start off stiff and uncomfortable. However, when a man has a college football helmet desk caddy, on his desk, this opens the conversation fast. Favorite college sports teams, Alma Maters, and what’s going on in the sport at that point in time are easy conversations for anyone. Therefore, as gift ideas for men, college football helmet desk caddies are the gift that keeps on giving.

football helmet desk caddy


Practical gift ideas for men

College football helmet desk caddies are a practical gift for anyone who has a favorite college sports team. As desk caddies they give men, and women, a place for pencils, pens, and business cards. I set mine in my kitchen by the fridge, I no longer have to go through the junk drawer to get a pen, plus the helmet adds a touch of color, and looks great. Another great place for college football helmet desk caddies is in the bathroom, the helmet makes a stylish holder for tooth brushes, tooth paste, and even floss. Such a great idea and completely unique compared to the old tired plastic cups, so many people use.

Gift Ideas for a Man Explored

  • Desk Caddy for Office (fill with pens and pencils)
  • Desk Caddy for Kitchen (fill with spatulas and giant spoons)
  • Desk Caddy for the Bathroom (fill with tooth paste/ tooth brushes)
  • Desk Caddy for Occasions (fill with Candy/cake pops, fruit, etc)

You can’t go wrong giving a College Football Helmet Desk Caddy to any man in your life. As you can see they are practical, creative, and fun! Plus with a little shopping – extremely budget friendly. 

Search for any team using the search bar at the right of the page, or click the pictures below to go check out all merchandise in Amazon.


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