Mens Gifts – Football Helmet Caddy

In a world where everyone has sooo much stuff, what do you get the man in your life that is both practical, and appreciated? Here you’ll find the perfect mens gifts that are personal and practical for his special day.

The perfect Men’s Gifts – College Football Helmet Desk Caddies.

Why is a Football Helmet Desk Caddie the Perfect Mens Gift idea?

College Football Helmet Desk Caddies are an extremely practical gift for men. These beauties work for bosses, friends, and your special someone. As men’s gifts go, they work on a personal level because you give them their team. Plus, practically, these gifts look good, are useful, and make a great piece in any office.

Check out the Top 4 Reasons this is our #1 for Men,s Gifts

    1. The first reason helmet caddies are perfect as mens gifts: College Football Helmet Desk Caddies represent a man’s favorite sports team. Often their favorite team is from their alma mater, or it may have been the state they grew up in. For many sports fanatics, they just pick teams they like, and support, or stick with them for years. College football helmet desk caddies give men the perfect way to represent their team in their personal space. This representation makes most men very graduation
    2. The second reason helmet caddies are the perfect mens gifts: College Football Helmet Desk Caddies are great for men to show off their team of choice, and they make a great conversational piece. Sports bring people together. When a man, or any person sets a college football helmet on their desk it makes a great conversational piece. This is fantastic for people in business, as it opens conversation on a congenial topic, making business meetings casual, and relaxed, through shared player football helmet
    3. The third reason helmet caddies are the perfect mens gifts: College Football Helmet Desk Caddies organize a mans desk. Everyone knows pens, highlighters, and other office supplies tend to float on a desk, and be in the way. The desk caddies organize desk space. The football helmets also have a slot for business cards. This great for easy display of business cards which with open conversations make it easy to remember to get a card in your clients hands. Very important for repeat business.messy desk
    4. The fourth reason helmet caddies are the perfect mens gifts: College Football Helmet Desk Caddies look good. As a decorative item for the office, helmet caddies are functional and good looking, adding a decorative sense of style to any office.Football Helmet Caddy gift for men

As you can see this is a great men’s gift idea. Plus many price points are available through Amazon, so it’s easy to stay in budget while giving the perfect gift.

Click on the Football Helmet Desk Caddies link below to go to Amazon. Or search for your favorite team by Clicking Here

Football Helmet Desk Caddies

Check out a desk caddie in action below……

My husband displays this little beauty proudly on his desk at work. I chose this Men’s Gift, because it is a great conversational piece for him. Plus, the Washington Huskies is his favorite College Football Team since he went to Washington State for College. Furthermore, it gives him a place to organize his pens, and business cards.

football helmet desk caddy

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